Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Genevieve and Seedling

A young woman comes home after work to her gloomy and lackluster apartment. She picks up and examines her travel magazines and maps with longing.

Genevieve checks her mail. She gets a letter and a small package. She’s been given a seed. ‘What the heck is this? What do I do with this?’

Next day, Genevieve comes home. She’s stressed, exhausted, and bored. She looks at the seed and thinks ‘oh ok might as well try this thing.’

Genevieve plants the seed in a pot of soil and places it by the window. She waters it lightly. And the next day it sprouts. She smiles, pleased and hopeful.

Every day from then on when she comes home, Genevieve takes great care tending for the seedling. She waters it, places plant food in the soil, and watches it for long periods of time. For a while it doesn’t grow, and her enthusiasm wanes. She gets a little worried. Then one day, it grew smaller. Panicked, she tries everything she could to revive it; she gives it super expensive fertilizer, turns on the radio to classical music, sings to it, and even turns on the T.V. to watch stand-up comedy for it.

One day, she comes home, her seedling has gone from the pot. She panics, digs into the soil to find that the shape of her seed has changed and hardened. Genevieve scratches her head in confusion. She wonders if her plant had died or grew sick.
Genevieve comes home one day. There’s something “thumping” in her apartment. She enters to find a large and silly-looking creature. It has turned on the TV to comedy central and the radio to the classical music station. On sight, it greets her enthusiastically while Genevieve kind of quivers in shock. She doesn’t know what to make of the creature. Quickly, she opens the window and tells it to go out, which it does. When it’s gone, she check her pot. It’s actually broken, with the soil spilling over. Then it clicks. The creature had been her seedling!

Genevieve sticks her head out the window, wondering where it went. It appears and startles her. She lets it back in, pacing around the creature, examining it. The creature extends a hand to her and points at the window. Genevieve is unsure what the creature is communicating. The creature then urges her to hop on its back, to which she waves her hand furiously and declines. She backs up on the table where her maps and magazines were. She picks them up, studying them, remembering her desires. She runs into her room quickly and changes into tourist gear and decides to hop on the creature’s back.

The creatures busts the both of them out of the apartment and takes flight in the sky. Genevieve has a blast. 


  1. Your story is so cute! I know I already talked to you about this in person, but I love the problem you've given Genevieve as it's common for a lot of people to want to go somewhere and travel the world, but it's just something that she hasn't been able to do in her life yet. I would just push this more and emphasize that this is really something that is getting her down that she wants to change. I love her silly antics though in raising the plant, and I feel like this could be a really cute short animation (it really does remind me of goblins animations!). I'm excited to see where you continue with this!

  2. Trying this for the third time because Logging in through the school account is giving me trouble. XD

    We've seen so much of Genevieve, I'd like to see the seed monster she travels with. :3 There are a few kinks to the story, but i'm sure they're getting buffed out during the storyboard stages. This is a really cute story, keep up the good work!